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Goals & Objectives

Download the TEDC Results for 2008-2011


To improve the economic climate of the Taylor community. Taylor EDC prioritizes activities on those that maximize the ability to achieve goals and improve the effectiveness of staff and volunteers.

The Taylor EDC strives to be the best in class economic development organization in Williamson County.


Taylor offers a high-quality job opportunity for every working resident in Taylor.


400 new jobs in Taylor.

Three Guiding Goals


Taylor EDC will engage in activities that create a favorable business climate and build economic wealth for the community by developing and conducting a Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) program to assist primary employers and grow Taylor’s economic base.

Strategy 1.1 – Increase resources dedicated to BRE
Strategy 1.2 – Expand scope of BRE activities that foster closer relationships with primary employers
Strategy 1.3 – Actively participate in community initiatives that will improve Taylor’s quality of place and reinforce a positive image of Taylor among local employers and their employees
Strategy 1.4 – Assist Taylor’s primary employers to enhance their growth by engaging in marketing and public relations efforts that help improve their visibility and brand awareness.

Goals-Metrics: Business Expansion and Retention

  • Attract 160 new primary jobs related to local expansions
  • Attract $2 million in new capital investments related to local expansions
  • Work with Partners to Improve eSynchronist ratings for those areas rated below a 4


Taylor EDC will create a favorable business climate that fosters economic wealth for the community through targeted business attraction and promotional activities.

Strategy 2.1 - Assess Taylor's current competitive position
Strategy 2.2 – Maintain a high inbound flow of new primary business prospect by participating in state and regional marketing programs
Strategy 2.3 – Market Taylor to location advisors and other business influencers

Goals-Metrics: Business Recruitment and Development

  • Attract 240 new jobs with above average wages
  • Attract $12 million in new capital investment
  • Prioritize on projects which help increase per capita income in Taylor by at least 25%
  • Encourage projects which increase the sales tax base for the City of Taylor


Taylor EDC will strive to create a favorable business climate that builds economic wealth for the community, by helping to develop an educated and skilled workforce.

Strategy 3.1 – Participate in those initiatives that improve the educational attainment and skill sets of Taylor's current and future workforce.
Strategy 3.2 – Increase higher education offerings in Taylor
Strategy 3.3 – Work with Taylor partners to develop a long-term strategy for workforce readiness and workforce development

Goals-Metrics: Workforce Development
While the EDC does not have direct influence over the outcomes of many workforce metrics, the following metrics should be considered key measures of progress:

  • Increases in higher education programs related to target occupational skills
  • Increases in higher education participation rates by Taylor residents
  • Increases in annual per capita income by Taylor resident
  • Increases in higher educational attainment by Taylor resident
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